Fire Extinguisher Service

Technical servicing a fire extinguisherS.A. Comunale provides comprehensive fire extinguisher services, including inspection, testing, recharge, sales, and installation.

We can identify what fire extinguisher size and type you need, how many, or where they should be installed. Our trained and certified fire extinguisher technicians are prepared to inspect just one extinguisher at your facility, or up to hundreds of fire extinguishers in a day.

Helping You Ensure Reliability and Maintain Compliance

S.A. Comunale can perform all required inspections and maintenance on commercial fire extinguishers (classes A, B, and C), including:

Annual inspections to confirm:

  • Cylinders contain the required amount of extinguishing agent 
  • Extinguishers are maintaining proper pressure
  • All parts are functioning properly

Six-year maintenance including:

  • Complete extinguisher disassembly
  • Cleaning and lubrication
  • Replacement of any defective parts
  • Refilling and recharging

12-year maintenance including:

  • All requirements of the six-year inspection 
  • Hydrostatic/expansion testing of cylinders to help ensure extinguishers can safely hold pressure

To complete these services, we equip your inspected extinguishers with the required tags to satisfy fire authorities and insurance providers.

We also provide fire extinguisher training, which includes:

  • Hands on presentation for proper application and usage
  • Live burn demonstration with trainee putting out the fire

For more information on our services, contact us today.